A Typical Day

Pre-School – a typical day

The children take part in many activities that they might not remember or be able to as yet articulate what they have done during their day. Therefore, an outline of a typical day for your child might look like this:

9am – 12 pm

The children enter their prospective classrooms and engage in a range of activities that they know how to do. These activities may be independently chosen by them or suggested by a member of staff. Through our individual planning children are also presented with new activities during this time. Your children have the freedom to work on an activity, prepare snack or just have a drink with a friend, spend time in the book corner or socialise with another friend. Spontaneous groups are also called during the morning session during which we sing songs, recite poetry, share news and demonstrate the limits and boundaries of our environment.

12pm – 12.45 pm

Lunch – Hot lunches are provided at an additional cost and are now cooked on site. Menus are made available on the Parents Notice Board at the beginning of each week.

1pm – 1.45 pm – Outdoor play which consists of structured early years physical development goals and free play

1.50 – 3.30 pm – Either continued Montessori activities or a themed activity such as art; preparing for up and coming religious or cultural celebration, cooking; gardening etc.