I am very happy with Montessori on the Green (MOTG) and of my daughter's continued progress. The qualified and highly skilled teachers continuously strive to raise confident, happy, independent, self motivated children. The benefits of Montessori teachings are invaluable. These would include providing the necessary skills for children to be active learners, enhance concentration, focus and problem solving, foster curiosity and independence, learning and life skills. My daughter loves MOTG. I have always been very pleased with her progress and the positive changes in her development since she entered the ' Children's House'. I am confident my daughter has been given the best possible foundation in learning and life skills and would not hesitate in recommending this excellent pre-school .

Laura Giaconi


Montessori on the Green (MOTG) is an excellent pre-school and greatly helps children to feel confident, respected and they are treated as individuals in a safe environment to achieve independence for their future. MOTG is different from other pre-schools and has exactly what the children need and like, they respond well to the environment and especially the nice friendly and professional team. This is definitely the right pre-school in the right place! 🙂

Rosaria Ammirata


THANK YOU! I can't thank the staff enough at Montessori on the Green (MOTG) for all they have done for my two sons. I have proudly been a parent at MOTG for over four years now, my eldest son started back in Jan 2011 and my youngest son will leave this July to start primary school in September. MOTG has been an amazing part of my son's lives, they have experienced so much, made some wonderful friends with the staff and children and developed so well in preparation for primary school. My eldest son settled into primary school without a hitch and still continues to ask lots of questions and has a thirst to learn without fear of failure, which I believe is down to the great work that MOTG does. The staff at MOTG develop a wonderful bond with the children, they deeply care about them and want the best for them and encourage them to be themselves and explore their world. MOTG brings a great sense of community and helps young children to socialise well and have empathy and consideration of others and above all to be kind to each other. These are such important skills to instill from an early age. The MOTG team's support, patience, kindness and depth of experience is second to none! Highly recommend them.

Clare Gibbs  


Montessori on the Green (MOTG) was everything we would have wished for our son Luca, and more: a warm, friendly environment for him to play, to interact with his peers and the adults, to develop empathy towards others. And to enjoy learning. Above all, it was the ideal jumping board for him towards primary school. We are sure Luca will cherish his memories with the staff and friends at MOTG, and our only regret is that there isn’t a Montessori sister school associated with MOTG, so he could carry on building his education on the sound foundations laid at MOTG.
Thank you!

Nicu Teodorescu and Andreea Suciu


We moved our daughter from another nursery where she wasn’t at all happy to MOTG where we hoped for a better experience for her; what she got surpassed our expectations!  An amazingly attentive, kind, friendly and nurturing environment where the children REALLY do come first.  Each child is treated as an individual within this beautiful community.  I only wish we had known about MOTG when we were looking for pre-schools, we wasted so much time elsewhere.  If only the team ran a primary school then she’d have years more to enjoy in this unique environment.  Thank you to the team for renewing our faith in pre-schools.

Leila and Hakan Kurnaz


Hugh has just completed his first term at Montessori on the Green.  He settled in very quickly and cannot wait to attend his next session.  He speaks with great excitement each day about his experiences.  The excellent staff obviously work together well as a team and offer a caring and calm environment for Hugh and his friends at all times. They know our son very well in such a short space of time.  This is all down to their approach where they take great personal interest and listen to him, as a separate little person that he is.  He is very happy and so are we. Hugh still has another two years at Montessori on the Green before he starts school and we are looking forward to sharing many exciting times ahead with him and his pre-school.   He is so lucky to be starting this wonderful Montessori journey, within such a nurturing environment.  Thank you.

Emma & Robert Scott


My daughter has always been a sensitive child and finds it hard to separate from me. I felt it was imperative  I could trust the methods the pre-school would use to help her adjust to being without me. At MOTG I could not only trust the teachers as reliable & caring individuals but importantly I could trust that they had a deep understanding of my child's needs and development. I felt she was respected as her own person and given the space she needed to familiarise herself with the setting and feel comfortable and happy. She would often still find it hard when I left but before bed she would always say she wanted to tell me about her day and would excitedly tell me all the things she had done and all the things she had enjoyed observing others doing. I would highly recommend MOTG, its staff and the way in which they implement Montessori teachings.  For me, I was able to drop off my daughter with the confidence they would not only look after her but had her best interests at heart.

Esma Izzidien, Winchmore Hill, 25th July 2014


I wasn't sure what Montessori was at first, but after some research I was intrigued to find out more. My child was at another nursery, but it wasn't challenging enough, she needed more stimulation, which is exactly what Montessori on the Green gives and the staff are amazing! I heard about Montessori on the Green from a friend and said great things about it. I wasn't disappointed. After a visit I was amazed at what the children were doing and how calm the atmosphere was. I knew my child would thrive there. Who wouldn’t?! Montessori on the Green offers a calm, supportive and highly interactive environment for the children. I like that the pre-school is not too big, so the children don't get lost in the crowd and they get to know everyone and develop strong relationships with the staff and their peers. The teachers build close relationships with the children, which is not out of politeness or contrived. You can ask any of the staff how your child has been that day or how they are developing and they all know what is going on and take a huge interest in the children, My child is thriving at the pre-school, she is advancing and developing the skills that she will need for primary school. Her vocabulary has accelerated with complex terms and words and she is much more articulate. Montessori on the Green is working very well for her, she is happy and encouraged and still her bubbly self!

Chioma Olaleye, Winchmore Hill

We have been very happy with the care and support provided to our daughter Myla at Montessori on the Green (MOTG) so much so that we are sending our second child there.  Myla has enjoyed going and has been very happy there over the past two and half years.  She has just left and we think she will miss it.  The staff are very friendly, open and engaging, and demonstrate a genuine love for helping children develop.  Myla speaks very fondly of the staff when discussing her day.  We feel the benefit of MOTG is the emphasis it places on child centred learning and activities.  Myla chooses to spend her time on activities that she enjoys.  The staff are very supportive and help her to learn and develop from the activities she engages in.  They also look to challenge her.  We feel that this has been good for her development as she likes to be challenged.  We would recommend MOTG to our friends.

Amanda Craxton and Mario Deconti, Winchmore Hill

My son went to the nursery for about 2 years, starting at around 2 years and 4 months and absolutely loved it. The Montessori philosophy was very much in keeping with how we approach learning at home in that it exposes children to a wide range of stimuli and encourages them to follow their interests. Although there was a strong academic element to the nursery, I never felt that my young son was being prematurely forced into an academic environment – rather it was a case of letting them play with apparatus that would encourage them to think about aspects of the world.

Another particular benefit of the nursery was that the staff were all well-trained Montessori teachers and were committed to the philosophy which I feel made the place very calm and organised. I felt it was a very caring place and my son had close relationships with his teachers and was very fond of them. They were always ready to talk about how he was getting on there and were very helpful and understanding at times of upheaval in our lives, namely and were very supportive when a close family relative died and when I started work. The children always seemed happy and seemed to know what was expected of them without being heavily disciplined or intimidated.

Were it not for the demands of the state education system, I would have loved him to stay at Montessori on the Green for at least another year. As I write this I’m expecting my second baby and when the time comes, I plan to send him to this fantastic nursery as well.

Emma Jordan, Winchmore Hill

Montessori on the Green is the perfect choice for my son, the qualified staff have helped him to achieve a good foundation that is so essential for every child. More than this he has made wonderful academic progress regarding phonics, numeracy and has also developed well in social, behavioural and emotional areas. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the pre-school.

Alina Ramona, Winchmore Hill

My daughter attended Montessori on the Green for two years and loved the safe, nurturing and happy environment provided by the staff, not to mention all the fun! A great educational stepping stone for the years ahead.

Ellie Nichola, Stevenage (previously Winchmore Hill)

I have been at Montessori on the Green from the day it opened having sent my two girls there.  One of my daughters is still at the nursery, in her final year, while the other daughter is now at Eversley Primary School.  I can honestly say that this nursery is the perfect nurturing environment for children as they embark on the start of their life at school.  Both my girls have benefited enormously from the dedication and abundant enthusiasm of the teaching staff.  The Montessori method of teaching is followed robustly and I have found that my girls have grown in confidence in terms of independent thinking and developing their inquisitive minds.  Certainly, my eldest daughter seemed totally ready for school and I believe part of her maturity has come from the way in which she was taught to approach activities during her time at Montessori on the Green.  I feel this nursery allows my girls to be themselves whilst slowly introducing them to the concepts they will be exposed to in reception.   Although the nursery premises is small, this has never been a problem with my girls and, in fact, all the equipment and furniture used by the nursery is brand new.  The true test of any nursery is whether or not your child is willing to go there and I can honestly say that both my girls have never once said ..’mummy I don’t want to go to nursery today.’ – what more proof do you need!

Viji Viyakesparan, Winchmore Hill

Today I had the delightful opportunity to do the promotional photography for MOTG pre-school.  This job was especially interesting as I got a chance to see my child interacting and learning with all the other children in the “children’s house”. Sort of like a fly on the wall, only much bigger and unable to hide! At first it wasn’t plain sailing as my child was not as well behaved as I would have imagined! Fortunately, I was able to fight the urge to intervene, bite my tongue and be a photographer rather than a father. Once the children had adjusted to my presence my concerns and fears began to melt away and I was able to capture the children behaving naturally. One of the children even complained that “Mr. Eddie” had not taken any pictures of him. My long lens had indeed made me one with the fly on the wall.I was amazed at how well the children paired up to complete various activities and then switched to work with other children. Also, the sheer concentration levels could be seen in their facial expressions as they worked together to complete some of the more complex tasks. Undoubtedly these skills will enable our children to build relationships easily and negotiate when working as part of a team. The staff team was equally brilliant in the way that they expressed patience and were able to motivate the children by giving them a choice of activities. This kept the children well stimulated and enthusiastic and all the children appeared to take great pride in what they were doing.MOTG is money well spent for any parent who wants the best for their child. I have total confidence in the pre-school and recommend it highly to any parent.

Eddie Olaleye, Winchmore Hill